Ag Capital Canada Invests in Farm Health Guardian Technology

January 8, 2021

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Ag Capital Canada (ACC) and Farm Health Guardian™ would like to announce the completion of an investment agreement.

Farm Health Guardian is an industry leading technology platform for real-time disease mitigation for pork and poultry production. A product of Be Seen Be Safe Ltd., Farm Health Guardian launched on October 1, 2020 in North America, Europe and the United Kingdom. Its innovative system accurately and efficiently tracks and manages disease spread, within minutes of the first observance of clinical signs.

“We are proud to have ACC invest in Farm Health Guardian and have them recognize this technological advancement in animal health,” said Tim Nelson, President and CEO, Be Seen Be Safe Ltd. “The private equity firm’s investment, as well as the industry knowledge and experience of its partners, will undoubtedly support our business growth.”

Even with the best individual farm biosecurity protocols, livestock and poultry systems are vulnerable to potentially devastating disease outbreaks. Nelson explained that this new investment will allow Farm Health Guardian to continue to expand in the pork and poultry sectors, as well as to further develop its technology for early detection of livestock disease.

“Our investment in Farm Health Guardian will help move this technology to more integrators and production networks,” says John Lansink, ACC General Partner Principal. “It’s a proven track-and-trace system which we believe to be really valuable, especially considering the threat of various diseases in the pork industry.”

“Essentially, we are investing in the sustainability of food production,” said Lansink.

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Farm Health Guardian
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About Ag Capital Canada
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About Be Seen Be Safe Ltd.
Farm Health Guardian is a product of Be Seen Be Safe Ltd. Headquartered in Guelph, Ontario, Canada, Be Seen Be Safe Ltd. is an animal-health track-and-trace technology provider. Founded in 2013, the company strives to protect the health and sustainability of the livestock industry and those who work within it through real-time disease monitoring and response-technology platforms.