Farm Health Guardian

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Farm Health Guardian (FHG) offers services and equipment to help hog and poultry farmers protect the health of their animals through real-time disease-monitoring. 

FHG provides a complete disease-spread-mitigation platform. Using digital biosecurity technology, a virtual perimeter is created, allowing the customer to digitally track and record all movement occurring on the farm or agri-business. When a disease outbreak happens, an alert system is triggered. All points of contact within the network are quickly notified. This enables the operator to lock down movement and contain disease spread within minutes of the first alert. 

FHG recently merged with US-based NoveTech. This amalgamation will strengthen the FHG product line and improve access to the US industry. The combined company will continue to operate under the Farm Health Guardian name and will have offices in Guelph, Ontario and Omaha, Nebraska.

For more information, please visit the Farm Health Guardian website.