Dairy Distillery

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Founded in 2016 in Almonte, Ontario, Dairy Distillery began by building a craft distillery to make vodka from a waste product called milk permeate, a sugar-rich by-product created by milk-processing plants. 

The company produces a vodka brand called “Vodkow” and several flavours of “Vodkow Cream” liqueurs. Sales of these spirits are quickly increasing. 

Dairy Distillery is also moving into the ethanol business. The company has partnered with the Michigan Milk Producers Association, a large US dairy cooperative, to build an ethanol plant at that company’s processing facility in Constantine, Michigan. The plant will utilize the permeate by-products, creating fuel from waste which would otherwise have to be disposed of at a cost. It is anticipated that this project will be the first of several more partnerships and ethanol plants to be built in the US, Canada and possibly in other countries as well.  

The ethanol fuel produced by Dairy Distillery will have a very low carbon intensity, putting the company on the path to leadership in the North American clean energy sector. 

For more information, please visit the Dairy Distillery website.